Memory 4

One day I was playing with my dog outside the local bar and we were in a match of hide and go seek.  The same person who cracked my scull was my baby sitter.  He was at the bar hustling pool for cash.  I enjoyed harassing him and ducking out so I must have done it one too many times and he chased me outside.  I ran with my dog and hit a barbed wire fence slicing my neck and lower lip.   My mother could no the found what else was new so I was driven to the hospital by men that had been drinking all day.   When I was at the hospital they stopped the bleeding and the hospital was eventually able to find Shirley she was at the local JC penny picking out a dress for her date with her friend.  She apparently said something to the hospital to convince them to stitch me up then another person picked me up and drove me to the JC penny where Shirley was.  I saw her there I was walked up to her she said something or another then turned and looked at another dress.  I slid in-between the dresses on a rack that had three sides in the middle of the floor  and imagined what a cozy comfortable home could be made from such a space.

Memory 3

We had a small pond in the back yard I got home from school before my two house mates.   On a hot day I went out back and jumped in the pond that was fed by an artesian spring.  Soon I saw Tony he was supposed to be my bother but no relation and his parents were no relation either.  I caught a glimpse of him out of the corner of my eye walking to the top of the hill around the pond then he was gone.   I continued to play then looked again and saw him aim with a log above his head, then CRACK he hit his target.  I played dead till he left.

Memory 2

I recall coming home from school at the age of five and being drug out to a field by my alleged mothers husband at the time.  He had a large knife and exclaimed he had to show me something.  I did not know better so I followed.   We reached the location he was talking about and there on the ground was the foal from the pony some unknown family member had given me.  She was fine when I left for school and now dead.   His name was Bruce, he said ok you will need to know how to gut an animal so here watch!  He went at the foal and quickly extracted its heart.  He proudly stated look it does to look like a heart you see at school.   I remember looks down as much as possible without letting him know I found what he was doing disgusting.  I seemed to know even at five years old I needed to appear to be very thick skinned.

First Memory

I recall looking up at my alleged mother through a drawer opening.  I could not move I was in this drawer while it was in the dresser ajar. I slept then woke with the drawer on the ground I know the because the gap opening was far larger an I could see the ceiling and only a small river of the dresser.