Memory 7

 I loved SNL I remember watching the musician that night, it was October second 1982 George Thorogood and the Destroyers singing “Bad to the Bone”  I fell asleep in front of the TV truth be told in the living room and what seems like miles from my bed room.  My bedroom was near the front door and near my house mates that were supposed to be my siblings but they were gone that school night.  I was in and out of sleep really then woke up when my dog Sandy barked like she was ready to do battle with a fabled werwolf. I herd a loud slam at the front door and grunting inhuman snarling and that staggering animal thing is in my room.   It is angry now oh there Shirley’s latest “husband”, nice what else is new.  He has a knife can no longer speak english well he is a police officer so maybe he will snap out of it NOPE not snapping out of it he had snapped.  I was standing when he approached me with his knife up and poised to plunge.  Shirley came out from he bedroom groggy.   I darted past Shirley and tried the phone it was dead I grabbed her purse I knew she kept the keys to the car in the side o the strap and it was a weapon itself.  This thing and Shirley were taking up the space in between the door jam but I somehow slid between them.  In hind sight I think I knocked them out of the door way.  I saw they were in a tussle but to this day I am not sure how this ended up where Shirley came outside and joined me in the car a few minutes later with out their making some arrangement.  Shortly after Shirley arrived in the car this man thing named Glade approached the car and began beating on the windshield.  He yelled half heartedly and banged.  Shirley showed a painful lack of skill managing her massive key ring.  Glade went for the hood of the car and within the first crease of the hood was where he had his fingers stationed as we drove away.  

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