Memory 10

Before this happened one day I walked home from school ended up in the meadow with my horse.   I jumped on him just as I saw my friend in the distance on her way over so we could hang out.  New thing I know I heard a bang and a crack.  I looked toward the sound and saw the latest boyfriend Shirley had drug home just ducking in the house.  I decided he must have been target practicing with his pistols because he happened to have them strapped to his thighs.  I began riding my horse across the meadow to meet my friend and a louder bang then the sharper cutting sound of a bullet wizzing past my head.  It seems you hear a bullet racing past your head before the crack or is it the time it takes your brain to get a clue what it is.  Another bellowing bang and a wiz crack, my friend screamed I hit the ground.  Thanks to my Guardian Angels that “man” was drunk and a bad shot with my mothers deer rifle. I went to the hospital and the Sherif started looking for the ugly man who liked bad music and was no good!

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