Memory 10

Before this happened one day I walked home from school ended up in the meadow with my horse.   I jumped on him just as I saw my friend in the distance on her way over so we could hang out.  New thing I know I heard a bang and a crack.  I looked toward […]

Memory 9

At some point in late Spring just before this event described in number 8. I entered an art contest just like everyone else in school.  I won that contest the prize was getting my photo in the newspaper along side a billboard of the winning poster.  My poster graced that billboard all year.   The […]

Memory 8

I recall one week end being driven to pizza after a horse show by some people Shirley knew.  This was abnormal Shirley usually drove.  Pizza was at the local bar so maybe she was going to get drunk and maybe I would not need to drive her home or call one of her friends to […]

Memory 7

 I loved SNL I remember watching the musician that night, it was October second 1982 George Thorogood and the Destroyers singing “Bad to the Bone”  I fell asleep in front of the TV truth be told in the living room and what seems like miles from my bed room.  My bedroom was near the front […]

Memory 6

Within three months of this number union mentioned in (5) I was home by myself from school, I recall feeling some urgency fear no panic when I saw this new husband rolling his car back in the driveway.  I raced outside the back door and under the house, I hid for some reason I knew […]

Memory 5

 I recall a thanksgiving one year was different, Shirley was going to cook…  What was the occasion I wonder it could not be the holiday I have seen them before but had no seen her cook.  The preparation all of which I do not recall seemed to take forever and I could not wait for […]

Memory 4

One day I was playing with my dog outside the local bar and we were in a match of hide and go seek.  The same person who cracked my scull was my baby sitter.  He was at the bar hustling pool for cash.  I enjoyed harassing him and ducking out so I must have done […]

Memory 3

We had a small pond in the back yard I got home from school before my two house mates.   On a hot day I went out back and jumped in the pond that was fed by an artesian spring.  Soon I saw Tony he was supposed to be my bother but no relation and […]

Memory 2

I recall coming home from school at the age of five and being drug out to a field by my alleged mothers husband at the time.  He had a large knife and exclaimed he had to show me something.  I did not know better so I followed.   We reached the location he was talking […]

First Memory

I recall looking up at my alleged mother through a drawer opening.  I could not move I was in this drawer while it was in the dresser ajar. I slept then woke with the drawer on the ground I know the because the gap opening was far larger an I could see the ceiling and […]